Tulip Driving School
automatic lessons in Yeovil

What happens when I take my driving test in Yeovil?

How can Tulip help me pass?

Alan will explain in detail all the elements you will be tested on, and we will make a personalised plan for you to pass based on your existing knowledge
and what needs work
 - this will form the
structure of our lessons

Text Alan 07930 658946

£30 assesment lesson >>>

yeovil driving test routes

Alan will show you examples of the complicated junctions, various roads
and traffic conditions that you may be asked to drive in your test,
including reversing manoeuvres.

Test rescue lessons  >>>

Learn with
a professional

Alan is a grade ‘A’ DVSA instructor with 14 years experience and uses the latest teaching methods

You can text Alan on his direct line 07930 658946

Alan will show you how to
pass your driving test
in Yeovil, by learning
vital skills, managing nerves
and taking mock tests.

Lesson Prices

Pay-as-you-go 1.5 hours £52.50

Ready to Pass' 1.5 hours £52.50

 Single 1 hour assessment £30

We are unable to take other
instructor's students for driving tests

You can take your test in any
roadworthy car >>>

£35 per hour in your car

Lessons last 1.5 hours, you can pay by
cash, cheque, or bank transfer