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3 hour ‘Ready To Pass’ Test Rescue course

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Top 10 reasons for failing

These are the top 10 reasons
people failed their car driving test
(April 2022-March 2023)

If you regularly make any of these mistakes during your driving lessons, you’re not ready to take your driving test.

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for further information.

Text Alan to arrange
your course 07930 658946

Text Alan to arrange
your course 07930 658946

Driving test rescue course in Yeovil
Text Alan to arrange 07930 658946

Taking the driving test

Alan will explain how the driving test works,
what you need to take
on the day, and how you can
avoid the 10 common
mistakes people make

Managing driving
test nerves

Get advice about how to manage your driving test nerves so you can focus on passing your test.

Taking mock driving tests

Find out why people who take mock driving tests are more likely to pass the real thing

Skills you need to pass
your driving test

Find out about the 27 skills
you need to learn to pass
your driving test
and be a safe driver.

53 out of every 100
driving tests were failed
during November 2023

Lesson Prices

Pay-as-you-go 1.5 hours £52.50

Ready to Pass' 1.5 hours: £52.50

 Single 1 hour assessment: £30

We are unable to take other
instructor's students for driving tests

You can take your test in any
roadworthy car >>>

£35 per hour in your car

Lessons last 1.5 hours, you can pay by
cash, cheque, or bank transfer

Text Alan to arrange
your course 07930 658946

Text Alan 07930 658946