Tulip Driving School
automatic lessons in Yeovil

2 hour faster roads &
  dual carriageway course

The course is done in your car or ours,
& covers all the elements needed to
understand and be confident
on faster roads & dual carriageways

Joining & leaving


Breakdown & safety

Forward planning
& observations

What happens on the course?

Where will we be driving?

Will I gain confidence?

What lane do I need to be in?

What about emergencies?

Tulip Driving School
Within 5 miles of Yeovil Test Centre


Lesson Prices

Pay-as-you-go 1.5 hours: £52.50

Ready to Pass' course in your car: £100

 Single 1 hour assessment: £30

Yeovil Driving Test: £52.50

You can take your test in our
automatic Tulip car or your car

£35 per hour in your car

Lessons last 1.5 hours, you can pay by
cash, cheque, or bank transfer

Alan 07930 658946