Tulip Driving School
Yeovil automatic driving lessons

How can Tulip help me pass my test?

Make a plan to pass

Keep track of your progress
with your own personalised
test pass plan and understand what you need to work on

Structured lessons

Each lesson is planned for you personally and consists of practising existing skills plus learning at least 1 new subject

Lesson Prices

Pay-as-you-go 1.5 hours £52.50

Ready to Pass' 1.5 hours £52.50

 Single 1 hour assessment £30

We are unable to take other
instructor's students for driving tests

You can take your test in any
roadworthy car >>>

£35 per hour in your car

Lessons last 1.5 hours, you can pay by
cash, cheque, or bank transfer

Do you have a test booked?

Driving test rescue course >>>

Do you have a test booked?

3 hour rescue course
Ready To Pass

If you have an accompanying driver
they are welcome to sit in on the lesson

Our ‘READY to Pass’ course is only available in YOUR car

Text Alan 07930 658946

 Learn a new skill each session

Work your way through the test requirements and become a
safe and confident driver

Yeovil driving test centre

Alan’s detailed knowledge of the
driving test elements and National Standards
will leave you feeling confident on your test day
when you drive into Yeovil test centre

£30 assessment session

 Sample Alan’s teaching style and get an estimate of how many hours you’ll need to pass

You must have a provisional driving licence
to do the assessment

Lessons Monday - Sunday
■ 1st lesson 7am

Expert guidance

Alan uses his 14 years experience together with the
latest teaching methods

£30 assesment lesson>>>

What happens when you take
the driving test >>>

Yeovil driving test rescue lessons